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Connected Technology Co., Ltd.
Connected Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company buy high-speed precision injection molding machine Zhenhua has been for many years, the quality has been relatively stable, working for so many years, what quality complaints did not seem impressed oh. Our service is very good, sometimes we order in such a hurry thought will be delayed for several days, did not expect orders under the four or five day they received the goods, but also to ensure the normal production of our. The manufacturer with good!

Hengda Group Company
Hengda Group Company

Division I is a professional manufacturer of connector manufacturers, with China for several years, Xie Zhenhua was a professional injection molding machinery connector can provide high-quality injection molding machine, good quality high efficiency Zhenhua can purchase, so good I'm glad to machinery. Product quality and service attitude I am very satisfied, I hope to continue cooperation, cooperation with Zhen Hua very happy!

Wei Chun group
Wei Chun group

He Zhenhua in the process of cooperation, both product quality and service attitude is very good, also regardless of the cost to send professional master to my factory to provide professional solutions for injection molding, the products of our company have done very well and no bad products, a sense of Xie Zhenhua provide vertical injection molding machine of high quality and very professional injection molding solutions for our in the future, such as the need to add machinery, our company will as in the past to buy Zhenhua precision machinery.

Boilpass Electronics Group
Boilpass Electronics Group

Boilpass Electronics Group is a professional manufacturer of communications products manufacturers. Since the purchase of Zhenhua Machinery use is really a well deserved reputation, quality of high-end air quality, worthy of a permanent trust factory servo injection molding machine.


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Shenzhen city Zhen Hua Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd was founded in 1997, the company developed a road dedicated to "precision, energy saving, high efficiency of injection molding machine, and the first domestic servo energy-saving pump in 2006, now forming machine industry standard, the birth of the concept of oil electric hybrid in 2010. After several years of research, and the first "hybrid high speed machine Qiansu series" in 2015; direct clamping, electric injection and melt, set all the advantages of all motor and hydraulic machine, its excellent performance, is a wise choice for you, the future will also form the industry standard; Zhen Hua along with you, stand together through storm and stress fight side by side, add color to your brilliant career.
Company flattery "honesty, quality first" purpose.
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